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Y-wing : CW (Test Album)

The first known model of Y-wing was the BTL-B, which served the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Unlike its successor designs, the BTL-B model had a full covering of both the primary fuselage and engines. A bubble-turret, which swivelled 360 degrees, provided clear view for the gunner and afforded them a clear view of the surrounding space. The ship was designed to operate mainly as a bomber and the Republic used them well in this capacity. On later models, this bubble feature was replaced with a turret operated from within the main cockpit.

During the Clone Wars these fighters were piloted by Clone Pilots wearing white Phase 1 Armor with specialized helmets (with either the standard yellow markings or customized markings), chest boxes and hoses.

All Clone Pilots fall Primarily under the direction of the Clones of The Republic (COR) Detachment, but are eligible for dual-membership with the RLSC.

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