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Arc-170 (Test Album)

The Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter, also known as theARC-170 starfighter and Advanced Recon fighter, was a heavy starfighter/bomber that saw widespread use by the Republic Navy in the later days of the Clone Wars. Designed and manufactured by the Incom Corporation, the ARC-170 was an ancestor of the T-65 X-wing starfighter, which would be mainly used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

During the Clone Wars these fighters were piloted by Clone Pilots. Their flight gear differed from earlier Clone Pilots in that they wore grey flight suits, with components of white Phase 2 Armor including specialized open-faced helmets (with customized markings), chest boxes and hoses.

All Clone Pilots fall Primarily under the direction of the Clones of The Republic (COR) Detachment, but are eligible for dual-membership with the RLSC.

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