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Updated X-wing/ANH Y-wing Costume Standard

Nov 4, 2013   //   by admin   //   Costume news, News  //  No Comments



The Legion Membership Officer has just posted the NEW, UPDATED Costume Standards for the Rebel Pilot X-wing/ANH Y-wing costume. You can find the NEW, UPDATED Standard HERE, along with corresponding photos of each part of the costume. The changes were made to more accurately reflect both the screen versions of the outfits as well as the way the current LCJs are judging for accuracy. This new Standard is effective immediately.

Please note that this new Standard DOES NOT affect any currently approved X-wing/ANH Y-wing Costume belonging to the Rebel Legion. This NEW, UPDATED revision only affects new costume submission.

Stay Calm. Fly Casual. We’ll get through this.


Costume Standard Updates

Aug 12, 2013   //   by admin   //   Costume news, News  //  Comments Off on Costume Standard Updates


From: RLSC Command & Control; Legion Pilot Costume Judges

Due to the influx of new EU costume interest, new and improved reference images from the movie, and the large number of flawed pilot costume submissions to the Legion, some of the Pilot Costume Standards will be undergoing some changes. These changes are intended to clarify details and close unintended loop-holes in the costume herpes treatment descriptions. Any and all changes at this time will not affect a Legionnaire’s currently approved costumes.

When discussions are posted in the Pilot Forums, please take part and respectfully make your opinions known.